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Meet Ivan Cibrian
Your Certified Flight Instructor

I'm Ivan Cibrian, Your Flight Instructor!

Hey, I'm Ivan Cibrian – an FAA-certified flight instructor. San Diego is where I call home, and these gorgeous skies are my playground. My passion for aviation has taken me on an incredible journey of flying airplanes, and I'm thrilled to share my expertise with aspiring aviators like you.

Ivan Cibrian's Flight Background:

I began flying and honed my instructional skills at a competitive Part 141 flight school in California (EVA Flight Training Academy) - an experience that allowed me to be a competitive instructor. I have four years of fight experience and two years as a flight instructor. Moreover, I received additional training at Plus One Flyers in San Diego and am now a member of their large flying club. 

My teaching approach centers around imparting expertise through precise flying methods, such as pitch and power tables, rather than relying solely on intuition and instinct.

What Sets Me Apart:

I have a high checkride passing rate and I take pride in the remarkable success of my students, who consistently achieve their aviation goals of getting their certification.


I also believe in patience when it comes to providing flight training. I understand that learning to fly can be an intricate and difficult process. This is why I focus on patience while guiding students through each step.


Open-Minded Approach: I embrace different learning styles and adapt my teaching methods to suit your needs.

Student-Centric: I am always brainstorming innovative ways to empower my students to become the best pilots they can be.


Let's embark on your aviation journey together, where the sky is not the limit – it's just the beginning. Reach out today, and let's make your dreams take flight!

Ivan Cibrian Portrait

Ivan Cibrian CFI-I 



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Pilot Experience

Flight Experience: 4+ Years

Training Experience: 2+ Years

Flight Time: 850+ Hours

Get in Touch with Ivan Cibrian - Your San Diego Flight Instructor!

Reach out to Ivan Cibrain and SOCAL today! We are a leading San Diego based Flight School that have been helping students learn to fly over the last two years!

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