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Private Pilot License in San Diego

Get Your Private Pilot Certificate in Southern California!

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Private Pilot Certificate Program in San Diego

The Private Pilot License course is a comprehensive training program offered to help students receive their Private Pilot Certificate in San Diego California. The PPL Program at SOCAL Flight Training is flexible, catering to your schedule.


Completion time ranges from 4 to 12 months with a requirement of 40 flight hours. The training program schedule can be conducted according to your needs. The estimated cost, including flight and ground instruction, is $20,000, with variations based on progress and lesson frequency.

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Private Pilot License:
Structure, Timeline, Cost and Requirements

The Private Pilot Certificate Program is structured to accommodate your schedule, with students typically taking 4 to 12 months to earn their PPL Certificate. A total of 40 flight hours required, which you can complete at your own pace if needed.

However, many students do around 75 hours of flight time in total. The duration of the course depends on how frequently students can devote time to completing the course requirements

Private Pilot License in San Diego: Cost Breakdown (FAA - ASEL) 

​The minimum flight time for a private pilot certificate is FAR 61.109, 40 Hours of Flight Time, however; the national average is 75 Hours and this estimate is made based on that. 

Total Hours
75 Hours Dual
CFI - 75hr
75 Hours
C172N - 150hr
Pre/post Flight
25 Hours
Ground Instruction
15 Hours

Total Cost to Get Your Private Pilot Certificate = $20,000 

Additional expenses: Headsets, online ground school, kneeboard, iPad, foreflight subscription = $1500

Start Your Private Pilot Certification Course Today!

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Your PPL Flight Instructor!

I'm Ivan Cibrian, a dedicated and experienced flight instructor with over four years of flight time, more than two years of flight training, and over 850 hours of flight time.

My aviation career began at the esteemed EVA Flight Training Academy in California, where the training honed my skills as a pilot and an FAA certified instructor. I continue to enhance my flying and training techniques at Plus One Flyers in San Diego.

As a flight instructor for Private Pilot Certification classes, I have a high success rate with students passing their checkrides (80%) and PPL certification.

If you want to learn more about my experience as an FAA certified flight instructor please visit my about me page.

Ivan Cibrian: FAA-Certified Flight Instructor in San Diego

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Ivan Cibrian CFI-I 



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Why Choose SOCAL Flight Training To Get Your Pilot Certificate in San Diego?

SOCAL Flight Training stands out as one of the best flight schools in San Diego, offering aspiring pilots an exceptional educational experience. With a solid reputation, SOCAL Flight Training is renowned for producing high-quality pilots. We work using Plus Flyers One aircraft, so you'll have to become a Plus One Member.


In addition to the practical skills, our course offers a pathway to the booming aviation industry, projected to require over 700,000 new pilots globally by 2039. By starting your journey in San Diego, a hub with access to major airports and busy airspace, you gain a competitive edge in both skills and networking opportunities. Our flexible scheduling allows for completion of the course in as little as 3 months, making it an ideal choice for those eager to fast-track their aviation careers.

What can I do with a Private Pilot License?

As a certified private pilot in the USA, your license opens up a variety of opportunities. You can enjoy recreational flying with friends and family, embark on cross-country flights, and enhance your skills with additional ratings like instrument or multi-engine ratings.


Owning or renting an aircraft allows for personal or business travel. You can also indulge in aerial photography, participate in charity and volunteer flights, or explore aerobatics. As a private pilot, you have the option to become a certified flight instructor, use your skills for business travel, engage in aviation community events like fly-ins and airshows, and even assist in search and rescue operations.

For a detailed breakdown of everything you can do with a PPL Certificate, have a look at our extended blog.

Sign Up For Your Private Pilot License Today!

Embark on your aviation journey and take flight towards your dreams! As an aspiring pilot you can take full advantage of our comprehensive Pilot Certification course in San Diego. Designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to pass their certification exam. Join us and soar through the beautiful Southern California skies as you learn the ropes under the expert guidance of Ivan Cibrian.

Fly SoCal's Private Pilot License course offers a safe, low-stress way to get certified to be a private pilot. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the skies above San Diego while completing your flight classes. Contact us today to start your certification process today.

FAQs: Private Pilot License and Certification

1. How much does it cost to get a pilot's license in San Diego?

The cost to get a private pilot license differs based on the extent of self-study and the total hours required to satisfactorily pilot the plane. On average, obtaining a private pilot license in San Diego costs between $15,000 and $20,000.

2. Can you make money with a private pilot license?

No, you can not make money with a private pilot license. The FAA allows PPL holders to share flight expenses with passengers or get paid for jobs like towing gliders or being an aircraft salesman.


In order to receive payments as a pilot, you need to have your commercial pilot's license.

3. How long does it take to get a private pilot license?

Private Pilot License (PPL) require 75 hours of flight time. The timeframe can vary based on frequency of your flying sessions, personal proficiency, and potential weather-related delays. Pilots must log 40 flight hours, which at least 20 hours are flight training from an authorized instructor and 10 hours of solo flight training in the appropriate areas of operation.


For more details see FAA's flight time hourly requirements for pilot certification.

4. What can you do with a Private Pilots License?

The private pilot license allows you to go on weekend getaways while also the foundation you need for an aviation career. There are limited options for making money with a PPL. The License does allow pilots to freely fly whenever and wherever they wish.

Private Pilot License Training in San Diego Photo Gallery

Have a look at what some of our private pilot students did during SOCAL's PPL course.

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