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Commercial Pilot Certificate in San Diego

Get Your CPL With SOCAL Flight Training in Southern California

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Become a Certified Commercial Pilot in San Diego!

The Commercial Pilot Certification Course is for students seeking commercial pilot privileges in single-engine aircrafts. The program includes ground school as well as Dual Flight Training and you will need to accumulate 250 hours of flight time to be eligible for this certification. 


The training course includes preflight preparation, complex aircraft operations, advanced aerodynamics, performance limitations, FAA regulations, stall awareness, navigation, meteorology, airspace system, radio communications, air traffic control, aero medical factors, commercial operations, procedures for night maneuvers and ground operations. The course equips students with the knowledge and practical skills for commercial piloting in single-engine aircraft.

The certification, allows you to operate aircraft for commercial reasons and to receive compensation for your flying services!

Commercial Pilot Certificate Course:

The Commercial Pilot License course is a hands-on curriculum tailored to single-engine aircraft. The course fulfills all the requirements for the FAA Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test. We highlight the program components below. Additionally, we have a blog that goes over everything you need to know about how to get a CPL in California.​​

Course Outline:

  1. Aerodynamics: The intricacies of aerodynamics, providing you with an understanding of the principles governing flight and aircraft performance.

  2. Large Aircraft Systems: Gain expertise in large aircraft systems, vital for the operation of commercial aircraft.

  3. Performance and Weight and Balance: Understand factors affecting aircraft performance and balance.

  4. Air Traffic Control and Airspace: Explore air traffic control procedures and airspace regulations.

  5. Federal Aviation Regulations: Learn about Federal Aviation Regulations.

  6. Aeromedical Factors and Decision Making: Learn about aeromedical factors that affect pilot performance, risk management and decision-making.

  7. Weather and Weather Services: Develop expertise in meteorology and weather services that affect flights.

Get Your Commercial Pilot License

Learn about becoming a certified commercial pilot in San Diego. Contact Ivan today to start your training!

Commercial Certification Program Highlights:

Key components of our commercial pilot license training can be seen below. We also have a blog resource that goes over commercial pilot certificate requirements. Our commercial pilot license course in San Diego entails the following:​


Program Timeline:

It can take up to five months to become a commercial pilot and earn your license. It depends on how frequently you can take flights and accumulate flight hours.


The program at SOCAL's Flight School is designed to be flexible and accommodate to your schedule. Student pilots will need to accumulate a total of 250 hours of flight time to be eligible for their commercial pilots license. With an average starting point of around 180 flight hours, you'll need to build the remaining hours.


Commercial Pilot Certification Cost:

Total Cost for Commercial Pilot Certificate is $6,150This does not include the required time of FAR 61.129. The table below shows the cost breakdown of different items needed to get your commercial pilot license. The cost of the commercial certificate will depend on the frequency of lessons and the specific requirements of each student (see table below). For a detailed breakdown of program fees, please contact us directly.

20 Hours Dual
20 Hours Flight Time
Pre/Post Flight
7 Hours
Ground Instruction
15 Hours

Commercial Pilot Training includes:

Students will acquire the aeronautical skills and experience required to meet the stringent FAA standards for a Commercial Pilot Certificate. This specific course focuses on the "Airplane - Single-Engine Land Class" category. To be eligible, students must meet the following prerequisites:

  • FAA Private Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating: Students should already hold a Private Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating to enroll in this course.

  • Valid FAA Medical Certificate: A valid FAA medical certificate is a requirement to ensure students' physical fitness for piloting.

  • FAA Part 61 Aeronautical Experience Requirements: Meeting the aeronautical experience requirements outlined in FAA Part 61 is necessary for course entry.

Upon successful completion of the CPL pilot training, students will have the qualifications necessary to earn their FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, specializing in single-engine land-class aircraft.

Your Commercial Pilot Course Instructor!

I am Ivan Cibrian, a seasoned flight instructor, boasting over four years of piloting experience, in excess of two years in flight instruction, and a total of more than 850 hours in the air.

My journey in aviation started at the EVA Flight Training Academy in California, a place where I refined my abilities as both a pilot and an FAA-certified instructor. My expertise in flying and training pilots to be certified commercial pilots continues to grow at Plus One Flyers in San Diego.

In my role as a flight instructor for Commercial Pilot Certification programs, I have achieved an impressive track record, with 80% of my students successfully passing their checkrides and obtaining their CPL certification.

If you would like to learn more about my experience as an FAA certified flight instructor please visit my about me page.

Ivan Cibrian Portrait

Ivan Cibrian CFI-I 

Get Your Commercial Pilot's License in San Diego

The commercial pilot license course in San Diego is designed to equip you with the proficiency required to transport paying passengers and secure a career as a professional pilot. Whether your ambition lies in flying commercial airliners like the Boeing 747, executive jets such as the Cessna Citation, or operating cargo aircraft, obtaining a Commercial Pilot Certificate is the first step.

To assist you in meeting the requirements for your Commercial Pilot Certification, Ivan Cibrian, an experienced instructor is here to guide you through the necessary course requirements in San Diego. The program will take place either from Gillespie Field, or Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport.


SOCAL Flight Training is one of the premier aviation schools in San Diego. We are committed to providing top-notch pilot training and expert guidance on your journey toward becoming a commercial pilot.

Ready to Get Your Commercial Pilot Certification in San Diego?

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