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instrument rating san diego

Instrument Rating Course in San Diego

Get Instrument Rated 

Become Instrument Rated

An instrument-rated pilot has the legal capability to navigate through clouds, rain, and fog, significantly expanding their operational capabilities and allowing them to remain in the air rather than grounded during adverse weather conditions. Those pilots wishing to fly in these conditions must obtain an instrument rating, which can be added to their existing private or commercial pilot certificate.


At SOCAL Flight Training, we're dedicated to helping pilots reach new heights in their aviation careers. Our Instrument Rating Program is the perfect pathway for those seeking to enhance their skills and expand their flying capabilities. Gain the expertise needed to navigate through all types of weather conditions and airspace with confidence.

How to Get Your Instrument Rating:

Acquiring your instrument rating grants access to using an aircraft for reliable travel. Moreover, it enhances your skills, making you a more adept, secure pilot capable of navigating the aviation system alongside professionals. To qualify for the program, ensure you fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Successfully pass the instrument knowledge exam by choosing this method:​

    • Self-study by using Sheppard Air - pay attention to their detailed steps and get ready to score 100% on your exam. 

  • Accumulate a minimum of 50 hours of cross-country pilot-in-command (PIC) time.

  • Obtain at least 40 hours of simulated instrument time in an airplane (this can be accomplished VFR with a safety pilot) for a detailed description of the instrument rating requirements visit 14 CFR § 61.65 (D)

Instrument Rating Program Highlights with SOCAL:

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  • Timeline: Our Instrument Rating Program is designed to be flexible, accommodating your schedule. On average, students complete the program in about 4 to 6 months.

  • Cost: The cost of the program varies based on individual progress and the frequency of lessons. An estimate for this course is $13,500 not including the checkride fee, headsets, books, kneeboard, iPad, and online ground school. 

    • For a detailed breakdown of program fees, please contact us directly.

Instrument Rating Cost breakdown (FAA IR ASEL)

The table below breaks down the cost to get your instrument rating in San Diego.

50 Hours Dual Received
50 Hours Flight time
Pre/Post Flight
16 Hours
Ground Instruction
15 Hours

Total Cost for Instrument Rating: $13,325 Not including the Cross-Country PIC required by FAR 61.65

Additional expenses: Headsets, online ground school, kneeboard, iPad, foreflight subscription (Roughly $1500)

Get Your Instrument Rating Certificate

Learn How to Get Certified in Instrument Rating in San Diego. Contact Ivan today to start your training to get your plane instrument rating!

Instrument Rating Program Requirements:

Before enrolling in this course, make sure you've satisfied these prerequisites.

1. Private Pilot Certificate: 

To enroll in the Instrument Rating Program, you will first need your Private Pilot Certificate. We are SOCAL also provide training to get your private pilot certificate.


2. FAA Medical Certificate: 

Obtain at least a Third-Class Medical Certificate from an FAA-authorized Aviation Medical Examiner to ensure you meet the physical and mental requirements for instrument flying.


3. Instrument Rating Knowledge Test: 

You'll need to pass the FAA Instrument Rating Knowledge Test, demonstrating your understanding of advanced aeronautical concepts.


SOCAL Flight Training is one of the leading aviation schools in San Diego. It is committed to providing students with top-tier instrument rating training, expert instruction, and a supportive learning environment.


Elevate your pilot skills and open new horizons with SOCAL Flight Training's Instrument Rating Program. For comprehensive flight trainings in San Diego and to fulfill your aviation aspirations, contact us today.

Book Your lesson With SOCAL Flight Training School in Southern California!

Our Instrument Rating program helps pilots navigate through challenging weather conditions safely. Enhancing their skills and expanding their flying skills to allow them to engage in additional flying and commercial flights. With flexible timelines and a comprehensive curriculum, we make it easier than ever to achieve your Instrument Rating. 


Don't let adverse weather conditions keep you grounded; book your Instrument Rating with SOCAL Flight Training School today. 

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Ready to Get Your Instrument Rating in San Diego?

Take advantage of SOCAL Flight Training's Instrument Rating course by calling or emailing Ivan Cibrian today!

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