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Aviation School in San Diego

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San Diego's Best Aviation School

As your premier aviation school in San Diego, we help pilots learn how to fly. Located in Southern California and flying from Gillespie Field, and Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport our school has comprehensive and tailored flight training programs for beginners and experienced pilots.

Fly SOCAL was founded by Ivan Cibrian in 2020 and has been providing flight lessons to pilots for over three years. As a leading aviation school in San Diego, Ivan provides training courses including PPL, CPL and Instrument rating course. 

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Aviation Programs Provided

Aimed at those aspiring to pursue a career in aviation, our Commercial Pilot Certificate program focuses on advanced flight skills, precision maneuvers, and the mastery of complex aircraft systems.

The CPL training equips students with essential skills for single-engine aircraft piloting, covering advanced aerodynamics, FAA regulations, navigation, meteorology, radio communications, air traffic control, and aero medical factors. The course also includes practical aspects of preflight preparation, complex aircraft operations, and procedures for night maneuvers and ground operations.

Why Choose Fly SOCAL as Your School for Aviation:

As an aviation school in San Diego, Fly SOCAL Flight Training has helped over 10 students receive PPL certification. With over 4+ Years of experience and 850 hours of flight time, flight instructor, Ivan Cibrian possesses extensive experience and certifications to help pilots succeed.


Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to cover all facets of aviation education, from foundational knowledge to practical, hands-on training. Safety is our paramount concern, and we uphold rigorous standards to instill the knowledge and mindset necessary for safe flight. Joining our aviation school means becoming part of a supportive aviation community in San Diego, where you can find networking opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

Our aviation school offers specialized training in air transportation and pilot skills. The training program focuses on pilot degrees, through hands-on experience flying planes, simulator training, and theoretical knowledge. Key study areas include the physics and mechanics of air transportation, commercial piloting, instrument rating, multi-engine rating, and flight instruction.

Become a Pilot at SOCAL's Aviation School

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Your Aviation Instructor

Ivan Cibrian: FAA-Certified Flight Instructor in San Diego

I am Ivan Cibrian, a seasoned flight instructor, with four years of piloting experience, over two years in flight instruction, and more than 850 hours in the air.

I trained as a pilot at the EVA Flight Training Academy in California, where I refined my abilities as a pilot and an FAA-certified instructor. My expertise in aviation continues to grow at Plus One Flyers in San Diego.

As a flight instructor, I have achieved an impressive track record, with 80% of my students successfully passing their checkrides and obtaining their certification in flying.

If you would like to learn more about my experience please visit my about me page.

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Ivan Cibrian CFI-I 



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Resources for Pilots Joining Aviation Programs:

Certainly, incorporating external links from reputable sources can enhance the credibility and informational value of your landing page. Here's a list of aviation-related websites that you might find useful for external links:


  1. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): FAA's website provides information on regulations, safety, and aviation.

  2. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA): AOPA offers resources, news, and community support for pilots.

  3. National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA): NATCA's website provides insights into air traffic control.

  4. Aviation Week Network: A reliable source for aviation news, analysis, and industry insights.

  5. Fly SOCAL Resources and Blogs: Our blog covers frequently asked questions about becoming a pilot.

FAQs: About Aviation Schools

1. What are Aviation Schools?

Aviation schools are specialized educational institutions that provide comprehensive training for aspiring pilots and aviation professionals. They offer a range of programs including ground school courses, flight training, and certifications for private, commercial, and airline transport pilots, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge for careers in the aviation industry.

2. Is it better to go to college for aviation or flight school?

The decision between flight school and university aviation programs depend on personal career goals and interests in aviation. Flight schools are ideal for those focused on becoming pilots quickly, while university programs offer a broader education, exploring various aspects of aviation and potentially greater career advancement opportunities. Both paths are valuable for aspiring aviation professionals.

3. What are the Requirements to Join an Aviation School?

To join an aviation program in the USA, you typically need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Age: You must be at least 17 years old to obtain a private pilot license and 18 for a commercial pilot license.

  2. Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is generally required. Some advanced programs might require more specific educational backgrounds.

  3. Medical Certificate: Obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical certificate. For a private pilot license, a third-class medical certificate is required, while commercial pilots typically need a first- or second-class certificate.

  4. English Proficiency: You must be able to read, speak, write, and understand English, as it's the international language of aviation.

  5. Legal Status: For international students, a valid visa that allows for flight training in the U.S. is necessary.

  6. Background Check: If you're not a U.S. citizen, you'll need to undergo a security background check by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Join SOCAL's Aviation Program in San Diego Today!

As a leading aviation school in San Diego California, we provide training courses that will kick start your aviation career. From introductory flights, to accelerated flight training programs you can find the aviation course that fits your experience and schedule.


Our commitment to excellence, experienced instructor, state-of-the-art facilities, and diverse range of flight programs make us the ideal aviation school. Whether you're a novice embarking on your first flight, a passionate enthusiast pursuing a private pilot license, or an aspiring professional aiming for advanced certifications, our Southern California flight school has what you need.

Join San Diego's Best Aviation School

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