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Accelerated Flight Training in San Diego

Get Your Pilot Certification in San Diego in as little as a few weeks!

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Accelerated Flight Training: Your Fast-Track Flight Training in California

Accelerated flight training is for pilots looking to complete their aviation course in a matter of weeks instead of months. SOCAL’s accelerated program is designed to help you get your pilot licenses in as little as 12 weeks.

Our four month Accelerated Flight Program in San Diego offers intensive 8-10 hour daily sessions, blending practical flight training and theoretical classroom instruction. You will have a dedicated instructor, aircraft, and a focused curriculum leading up to your FAA checkride.

Offering a focused and faster learning experience, our programs cater to individuals with demanding schedules, that can dedicate upwards of eight hours a day for two to three weeks at a time. Our accelerated pilot training programs include Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot Certification

Who is Accelerated Flight Training For?

  • Pilots with a hectic schedule, capable of dedicating two to three weeks and eight to ten hours per day.

  • Those requiring a license or rating within a shorter timeframe, such as prospective military personnel or college students aiming to start with a Private Pilot License.

Join SOCAL's Accelerated Private Pilot Training

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Accelerated Flight Training Programs Available:

Accelerated Flight Training at SOCAL offers a dynamic and comprehensive program tailored to meet the needs of aspiring pilots in Southern California in weeks instead of months. We have the following accelerated flight programs:

1. Accelerated Private Pilot Program

Our fast-track private pilot program is designed for pilots to get the flight time and training to become certified in less than four months. We use a clear and tested course from our pilot training syllabus, showing you exactly what is expected and what you need to do. Our training system gives a clear answer: either you're ready or you're not, making sure there's no confusion about your progress.

Required Time Commitment:

The accelerated private pilot program spans four months. The final weeks accommodate for any weather-related disruptions.

Prerequisites Before Starting:

Before enrolling, candidates must meet certain prerequisites:

  • Minimum age requirement of at least 17 years

  • Completion of our preferred online ground school

  • Successful passing of the FAA Written Knowledge Exam

  • Attainment of a Student Pilot Certificate

  • Approval of an FAA Flight Physical (3rd Class or Higher Medical)

  • TSA Approval, if the candidate is not a U.S. Citizen


Private Pilot Flying Requirements:

To apply for a private pilot license, federal regulations require a minimum flight time of at least 40 hours. This flight time should encompass 20 hours of training with a certified flight instructor and at least 10 hours of solo flight time. The minimum training should include:

  • 3 hours of cross-country flight training

  • 3 hours of night flight training, inclusive of a 100-nautical-mile cross-country flight and specific takeoff and landing requirements

  • 3 hours of instrument-based flight training

  • 3 hours of flight training in preparation for the practical test

  • 10 hours of solo flight time, including solo cross-country flights and specific takeoff and landing requirements


These requirements are the federal minimums for application. However, most students typically require extra time beyond these to adequately prepare for their checkride.

Join SOCAL's Accelerated Pilot Training in San Diego!

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2. Accelerated Instrument Rating Program

The accelerated instrument rating program takes two to three weeks to complete. Pilots learn how to fly using instruments instead of visual cues. even when you can't see well due to bad weather. This accelerated program shortens the instrument rating course from an average of four to six months, to three weeks. We use a proven course from our airline career pilot training syllabus, that requires eight hour days to complete.

Flight instruments in an airplane

Prerequisites Before Starting:

  • You need to have a Private Pilot License for Fixed Wing SEL. 

  • Have flown at least 10 hours cross-country as the main pilot, and have a valid FAA Flight Medical or Basic Med.

  • Completed online ground school and have passed the FAA Written Knowledge Exam.

  • If you're not a U.S. citizen, you will need TSA Approval.

Instrument Rating Flying Requirements:

For the instrument rating, you'll need to have at least 50 hours of cross-country flight time as the main pilot. This must include 15 hours of training from a flight instructor and at least 10 hours flying cross-country in an airplane. To meet these minimums before your check ride, you'll need:

  • 50 hours of cross-country flight time, including 10 hours in airplanes for an instrument-airplane rating.

  • 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time.

  • 15 hours of instrument training from an instructor for the desired instrument rating.

  • 3 hours of training with an instructor to get ready for the test.

  • One IFR cross-country flight covering a distance of at least 250 nm along airways or ATC-directed routing, including specific instrument approaches at different airports.

Where Our Accelerated Training Programs Fly From

Our shortened flight programs take place at two different airports in San Diego. Our primary airport is Gillespie Field, and secondary option is Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport in Southern California.

Resources for Pilots Joining our Fast Track Flight Training Program:

Certainly, incorporating external links from reputable sources can enhance the credibility and informational value of your landing page. Here's a list of aviation-related websites that you might find useful for external links:


  1. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): The official website of the FAA provides information on regulations, safety, and other essential aspects of aviation.

  2. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA): AOPA offers resources, news, and community support for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

  3. Fly SOCAL Resources and Blogs: Our blog section covers some frequently asked questions when it comes to becoming a pilot.

FAQS: Joining an Accelerated Flight Training

1. What types of aircraft are used in the accelerated pilot training programs?

We typically use a Cessna 172 Skyhawk for our accelerated training course.​

2. How qualified is the flight instructor in the accelerated training program?

Ivan Cibrian will be your flight instructor. He has been flying for five years and has over 850 hours of flight time! You can learn more about your flight instructor Ivan from SOCAL.​

3. Does the training program provide assistance with job placement after completion?

San Diego has a vibrant flight community with access to a large network of pilots. We can connect you with pilots, flight companies and fellow student pilots to help you with finding a job as a pilot after your course.

Learn more about why San Diego is one of the best places for student pilots.

Join SOCAL's Accelerated Pilot Training in San Diego!

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