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Flying Lessons in San Diego

Flight Lessons for Beginners and Seasoned Pilots!

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Learn to Fly in San Diego, California!

Want to learn how to fly? Flying lessons in San Diego are available for beginner pilots, and seasoned pilots looking to advance their pilot career.


Fly SOCAL Flight Training is a FAA-approved flight school in San Diego that provides flying lessons to beginners and seasoned pilots. With CFI-I Ivan Cibrian student pilots will learn the essentials of flying a single prop airplane. With flexible scheduling options, state-of-the-art flying facilities, and the allure of Southern California's climate, taking flying lessons in San Diego is an exciting educational pursuit.

How Much Do Flying Lessons Cost?

A single flying lesson costs $300 in San Diego. These flight lessons are called discovery flights, and are considered to be introductory, hands on flights for first time pilots.


For students that want to pursue a certification as a pilot, the average cost for a private pilot license is about $20,000. You will also need to invest about $1,500 in equipment such as headsets, online ground school, kneeboard, iPad, fore-flight subscription.


We have a dedicated blog to how much it will cost to become a pilot. However, depending on the type of flying lessons you need, the cost will differ. We recommend to take a look at our additional flight training programs:

Take Your First Flying Lesson With SOCAL

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Do I need any prior experience to start flying lessons?

You don’t need any prior experience for your first lesson. We will let you know you should do before your first flight lesson. If you would like any pre-lesson information or reading materials, feel free to ask us and we would be happy to share some! Otherwise, show up to your flying lesson with an open mind and excitement!


Many consider the “Discovery Flight” as the first flight lesson. It involves an introduction to flying guided by a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), who will guide you through pre-flight procedures. The extent to which you get hands-on experience, and the specific type of flying activities you engage in, varies depending on your comfortability. At SOCAL we aim to get you involved in the flight as much as possible!


Many first time pilots come to our flying lessons with no prior experience.

Are there age restrictions for taking flight lessons?

The minimum age for flying lessons is 14. There is no restriction on age, when it comes to older pilots. As long as they are physically fit to fly and operate the plane, they can take a flight class!


These age restrictions are for flying lessons. However, if you wish to get certified or your pilots license, age does play a factor. You will need to be at least 17 years of age to get your Private Pilot License (16 to fly solo). Additionally, for a Commercial Pilot License you need to be 18 years of age.

Does your flight school provide all necessary training material and equipment?

We provide all training materials and equipment for your introductory flying lesson. This would be your first experience when it comes to flying, and we will make sure you have what you need for your first lesson. 


For more advanced classes, additional equipment will be needed, please check the specific training program for further details. You can also contact Ivan Cibrian, your CFI with any questions.

How safe is learning to fly, and what safety measures are in place?

In actuality, being a student pilot is the safest approach to flying. Engaging in flight training as a student pilot significantly minimizes the likelihood of encountering accidents, as per statistics revealing that individuals in this learning stage consistently maintain some of the lowest accident rates.


As a student pilot, our biggest priority is keeping our students pilots safe. Firstly, rigorous pre-flight inspections and briefings are conducted under the supervision of certified flight instructors to address potential risks and ensure that the aircraft is in optimal condition. Regular assessments, both pre- and in-flight, contribute to the continual monitoring of the student and the aircraft. 


Finally, during your first flying lesson, you will be under the close supervision and guidance of your experienced instructor. Ivan Cibrian is a CFI and will play a crucial role in fostering a safety-focused mindset throughout the training process, instilling the importance of risk awareness and prudent decision-making in all aspects of flight training.

student pilot in front of plane
Trina student pilot with plane
Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Additional Resources for Pilots Wanting to Take Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons in San Diego From Beginner to Experienced Pilot

No matter if you are a seasoned pilot or taking your first flying lesson, Fly SOCAL’s flight school in San Diego is here to guide you! With a commitment to safety, an experienced certified flight instructor, and hundreds of hours in flight time, our flying lessons cater to individuals at every skill level.


Whether you're dreaming of taking your first solo flight or advancing your pilot certifications, our flight school in Southern California provides a comprehensive and scenic backdrop for your aviation education. Take the first step toward your airborne dreams—explore our flight training programs and elevate your passion for aviation to new heights.


Contact Ivan Cibrian by phone or email to schedule your first flying lesson in San Diego, California!

FAQs: Taking Flying Lessons in San Diego

1. What types of aircraft are used for training?

We typically conduct our flight lessons in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

2. Where can I take flying lessons in San Diego?

You can join SOCAL’s flying lessons from two different airports in San Diego. Our primary airport is from Gillespie Field, and the secondary option is from Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport. Your flight will fly over the Pacific ocean, head east over El Capitan Reservoir, or venture north towards Lake Hodges. Each route offers a truly incredible way to explore San Diego from the sky.

3. Can I take a trial or introductory flight lesson?

Yes! Discovery flights are designed for first time pilots. The program will give you the opportunity to learn about flying both on the ground and in the air. You will even get an opportunity to fly the plane if you want! After your trial flight lesson, you can take more advanced training with our flight school as well.

4. What is the typical class size for flying lessons?

For flying lessons, we typically have a class size of one. We keep them small so students can get the most out of their first flying lesson with us. If you are hoping to bring a friend or family member with you, let us know while signing up, and we would be happy to accommodate them.

5. Are there flexible scheduling options for lessons?

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling for your flying lessons. Contact us by email or phone, and we can work together to schedule a time that works best for you.

Flying Lessons with SOCAL Flight Training in San Diego!

Contact Us by email or phone to sign-up for your first flight lesson in Souther California!

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