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Can I Fly a Plane With No Experience?

Can I Fly a Plane With No Experience?

Yes you can fly a plane with no experience. These types of flights are called introductory or discovery flights. A discovery flight is when participants with no experience are assigned to a certified pilot instructor who lets you fly after they have taken off.

People of all ages can fly a plane with no experience by finding a local flight instructor who offers introductory flight lessons. During these lessons. The flight instructor will give you a preflight briefing, and go through pre-flight checks before taking off. Once the plane is in the air, the flight instructor hands the stick over and allows you to fly!

Is it hard to learn to fly a plane for the first time?

Flying for the first time is not difficult, especially when you are doing it in a safe environment like an introductory flight. Although you won’t be taking off or landing (which are the hardest parts of flying!) you will be able to take the stick and adjust the pedals to some degree. 

During the test flight it is easier to fly as you will be guided by your experienced certified flight instructor. However, when it comes to actually flying solo, it is a lot more difficult to do. That is a different type of experience altogether and not the aim of these lessons that are designed for people who have no flight experience. 

That is why most aspiring pilots start their flight careers with an introductory flight, and move on to advanced flying courses like getting their private pilots license (PPL). The good news is the hours accumulated in these initial flights will count to your PPL. If you are thinking about going from zero to PPL, we would recommend checking out our private pilot license course page. It will give you all the information to make your decision about what to do after you get some flight experience.

flying a plane with no experience

Can Anybody Fly a Plane?

Yes, technically anyone can fly a plane. The ability to pilot an aircraft is within reach for most individuals, contingent upon their specific flying aspirations. Opting for recreational flying, either as a sport pilot or a private pilot, involves piloting straightforward, entry-level aircraft primarily for personal satisfaction.

This pathway to flying is not only accessible but also financially manageable, allowing for a flexible payment approach throughout the flight training period. The overall expense of becoming a pilot varies significantly on the desired level of certification and the type of aircraft you wish to operate. By maintaining a focus on simpler flying endeavors, the journey to flying is achievable and rewarding, offering a blend of adventure and personal growth without needing to invest significantly.

Fly in Southern California Even if You Have Never Flown Before!

Fly SOCAL in San Diego offers individuals with zero experience to fly a plane. The training program lasts around two hours in total and includes pre- and post-flight discussions as well as around an hour in the air. The amount of time you get to fly depends on how comfortable you are behind the stick!

The price for you to fly a plane with no experience will differ depending on the location and flight school you join. For example, Fly SOCAL is a flight school in San Diego and we offer the flight program for $300. If you would like more information, check out our introductory flights in San Diego page.



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