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Flight Training School in San Diego:

Flight Training Programs at Gillespie Field, and Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport in San Diego!

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San Diego's Leading Flight School

Fly SOCAL is the best flight school in San Diego to learn how to fly. Whether you're a novice aviation enthusiast or an experienced pilot, we are here to help you achieve your aviation goals and complete your flight hours.


Located at Gillespie Field, the school is owned and operated by FAA Certified flight instructor Ivan Cibrian. Operating for over four years our flight academy in San Diego offers flexible, self-paced flight training programs designed to fit with the individual schedules of our student pilots. Our doors are open for flight sessions from Monday to Sunday, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

If you're ready to take the next step in your flying career, you can call CFI-I Ivan Cibrian at 619 494 8989.

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Where We Fly From in San Diego

We provide flight training at Gillespie Field, a county-owned airport 11.5 miles northeast of downtown San Diego, in El Cajon, San Diego County, and at Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport an airport six miles north of downtown San Diego.

We offer the following Flight Programs in San Diego:

Student pilot at Socal Flight School

Discovery Flights, are for pilots interested in pursuing a Private Pilot License.

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Comprehensive flight program to help students receive their Private Pilot Certificate in Southern California.

Instrument Rating Course San Diego.jpg

Certification enabling pilots to fly using their aircraft's instruments, crucial for flying in reduced visibility.

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CPL course for students seeking commercial pilot privileges in single-engine aircrafts.

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Flight training For international students to become a pilot while staying in the United States.

What Our San Diego Flight School Offers:

Located at one of the busiest airspaces in America, Fly SOCAL provides an extensive array of flight training programs, all designed to support student pilots at every stage of their aviation career. Student pilots receive the following:

  • Expert Instruction: Led by Ivan Cibrian, a FAA Certified Flight Instructor, The flight school's programs guarantee personalized and superior aviation education, ensuring students achieve unparalleled proficiency while flying.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our academy is outfitted with advanced technology and resources, including sophisticated flight simulators, Cessna 172s, and Piper Archers. The blend of advanced equipment provides the perfect backdrop for both introductory and advanced pilot training sessions.

  • Diverse Training Goals: Whether you're aiming for recreational flying or preparing for an aviation career, Fly SOCAL's tailored programs accommodate a wide range of flying ambitions. Our pilot training programs guarantee every pilot garners the necessary flight hours for certification.

  • Supportive Learning Ecosystem: At Fly SOCAL we prioritize professional flight training and fostering a supportive community. We help pilots expand their network and cultivate a community in San Diego to assist in growing their aviation careers.

Join San Diego's Best Flight School

Start Your Aviation Career in Southern California!

Welcome to Our Premier Flight School in San Diego

At the heart of our flight academy is a commitment to excellence in aviation training. Guided by the expertise of Ivan Cibrian, our FAA Certified Flight Instructor with over four years in flight experience and more than two years of dedicated teaching in San Diego. Our flight school offers a pathway to become a skilled and confident aviator in a personal learning environment.

The academy is distinguished by its adoption of the Gold Seal syllabus, with a structured yet adaptable approach to flight training. This methodology ensures a seamless and efficient progression for student pilots, keeping them aligned with their aviation aspirations.


Safety and proficiency are the cornerstones of our academy. We take pride in a remarkable check-ride pass rate, a reflection of our rigorous training standards and the quality of pilots we cultivate. Our graduates, many of whom have received their PPL certification, attest to the caliber of education and personalized guidance they received at our flight school.

Learn more about Fly SOCAL's flight programs on our 'About Us' page.

Ivan Cibrian Flight Instructor San Diego

Ivan Cibrian CFI-I

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Testimonials From Our Student Pilots!

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