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Flight Lesson Gift in San Diego

The Perfect Present for Birthdays, Special Occasions, and Holidays!

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Flying lesson Gift in San Diego California

Are you looking for an unforgettable gift idea that soars above the rest? Gifting a flying lesson can be a great way to give a loved one interested in flying a chance to take flight in San Diego California. Fly SOCAL helps you give an introductory flight lesson as a birthday present, special occasion or holiday gift to aspiring pilots.

Great for people with no flight experience, an introductory flight allows your loved one to take the yoke (control wheel) and fly the plane high above the San Diego Bay. A flying lesson gift experience can be purchased for $300 (starting price) and transferred to a loved one - as long as they meet flight requirements! We also provide larger gift and gift certificate packages - for these we would ask you to call or email us directly to discuss what you are looking to provide with your present.

Whether it's for an aspiring pilot or someone who dreams of taking the controls, our flying lesson gifts in San Diego will provide an extraordinary adventure high above San Diego that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Why Give a Flight Lesson As A Gift?

Unforgettable Experience for First Time Pilots

  • Unique Gift: Far from ordinary, a flight lesson gift offers a unique experience that stands out from traditional presents. It's not just a gift - it's an adventure!

  • Personalized Adventure: Tailored to fit the recipient's dreams, our flying lessons cater to everyone from beginners to those with some experience in the cockpit.

  • Lifetime Memory: The joy of the first takeoff and the beauty of the world from above remain cherished memories, making this gift unforgettable.


Educational and Inspirational for Aspiring Pilots

  • Learn from Professionals: Our certified instructors are passionate about flying and dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Inspire a New Hobby: A flying lesson can spark a lifelong passion for aviation, leading to more lessons or even a pilot's license.

  • Understanding Aviation: Beyond just flying, this gift offers insights into the mechanics of flight and the aviation industry.


Flight Lesson Gift Packages are Great For:

  • Birthday: Celebrate a birthday with a lift-off! Our birthday packages are perfect for adding excitement and adventure to someone's special day.

  • Graduations: Have a loved one that just graduated from highschool or college? A gifted flight lesson can elevate their success to new heights!

  • Holidays: Struggling to give a gift for the holiday? An hour-long discovery flight present is the thing to give to aeronautical enthusiasts.

  • Special Occasions: No matter the special occasion, we can help you provide the gift of flight to a loved one. An opportunity to fly a plane will make sure your present stands out from the rest!

Give An Aspiring Pilot the Gift of Flight!

Contact Us By Email or Phone to Find Out More About Our Flight Lessons Gift Options in San Diego!

What They Get With Your Gifted Flight Lesson:

The Flight Lesson Gift Experience, is designed for both aspiring pilots and those curious about flying, offering a mix of education, excitement, and personalization. The experience starts with a pre-flight briefing on flying fundamentals and safety. After that the flight instructor will ask where in San Diego you would like to fly - out to the desert or down south toward San Diego Bay.


Once you are ready, your flight instructor will takeoff and fly up to cruising altitude before handing the yoke over so to fly! The adventure rounds off with a post-flight debrief, discussing the flight and exploring further aviation opportunities. In total, the whole experience lasts around two hours.

Key Points of the Flying Lesson Gift:

  • We fly from Gillespie Field, and Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport in San Diego.

  • Begins with a pre-flight briefing on safety and aircraft controls.

  • Hands-on in-flight experience with the option to pilot the aircraft or enjoy a guided tour.

  • Post-flight debrief to discuss the experience and future piloting opportunities at the flight school.

  • Provides an immersive introduction to flying, suitable for both aspiring pilots and enthusiasts.

  • Offers a unique blend of education and excitement, making it an unforgettable gift.

  • Personalized touches enhance the experience, making it a thoughtful present for birthdays and other special occasions.

Why Give a Flight Lesson Gift From Fly SOCAL?

As a leading flight school in San Diego, you can feel comfortable giving a flight lesson gift from Fly SOCAL. Ivan Cibrian is a certified flight instructor and will be accompanying you in the air. With over four years of experience, he has made multiple flights with students over San Diego.

Ivan Cibrian is known for his emphasis on safety, comprehensive educational content, and sharing the sheer thrill of flying with his students. He designs the gift lesson to cater not only to the recipient's wants and desires when it comes to flying! With a great attitude and love for flying, he makes sure every flight gift is what it is supposed to be - fun, inspiring and educational!

Fly SOCAL's ability to fly from Gillespie Field, and Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport in San Diego makes it easy for people from all around the area to fly from a location that is best for them. Our flight school is open seven days a week from 7am to 6pm, making it easily accessible for anyone receiving the gift.

student pilot in front of plane
Trina student pilot with plane

Give the Gift of Flight in San Diego

We will work with you to customize and provide the exact type of flying gift you are looking to give your colleague or loved one. With our basic Introductory Flight Gift being only $300 for an hour of flight time, you are sure to give them something they have never experienced before. 

For birthdays, celebrations, holidays, graduations and every other special moment, you can contact Ivan Cibrian by phone or email to discuss the perfect flying gift in San Diego, California!

FAQs: Flying Lesson Gift Experience

1. Who Can Enjoy a Flight Lesson Gift?

Our flight lessons are designed for individuals of all ages and skill levels. No prior experience is necessary, just a sense of adventure! There are regulations and criteria that we have to follow for flight lessons - we can work through all of these regulations while discussing the gift options!

2. Is a flight lesson a good gift?

A flight lesson makes an unforgettable gift. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts, curious learners, or anyone seeking a unique experience, the opportunity to take control and learn to fly a plane is sure to delight.

3. How Much Does A Flight Lesson as a Gift Cost?

A Flight lesson can be gifted for $300. This will cover a discovery flight lesson, and is perfect for people that have never flown before.

4.  Can I Come With the Person I Give the Gift To?

It is possible to accompany the gift recipient for the flight. However, we will need to discuss this beforehand to ensure that we are compliant with certain regulations and weight criteria. If you are interested in coming along, please specify this so we can discuss this before the booking.

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